Colleen Dunn


Colleen Dunn’s love of reading was strongly influenced by two women. Her mother who dropped everything to take her daughter to the library to check out books and to replace the library card her daughter successfully, and frequently, managed to misplace. The other influence is her second-grade teacher, Miss Freeman, who sent a postcard to a seven-year old girl and told her to keep reading, which she did, in order to not disappoint her teacher.


From the mid-west, Colleen moved to the area in 2001 to begin a teaching position at Bucks County Community College. After volunteering for the USO, Mercer Museum & Fonthill Castle, and Rolling Harvest Food Rescue, she joined the Bucks County Book Festival committee in July 2017 to assist in bringing an exciting new event to Bucks County.


Ms. Dunn is a St. Louis Cardinals baseball fan, loves print and audio books, and is active with AAUW-Doylestown. Her favorite books include the Little House on the Prairie, Nancy Drew Mystery, and Harry Potter series. Though she does not have a favorite author, she has read all of Jane Austin.


When time allows, she geocaches, travels, and spends time with family. Her most recent accomplishment is being awarded the Member Making a Difference Award in 2018.

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