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Jennifer Rogers is a passionate historian who dedicates her time to the preservation and education of local history through her volunteer efforts with several organizations. She was appointed to the Upper Southampton Historical Advisory Board in 2014 and served for five years prior to her move to Lower Southampton Township. In June 2022, Jen was elected President of the Craven Hall Historical Society subsequent to her previous appointment to the Board of Directors in 2012. In her spare time, she is also a blogger for Visit Bucks County where she pairs History with Pints, a blog series she hopes will encourage locals and tourists to visit historic sites and breweries in Bucks County. 


As a graduate of Pennsylvania State University, Jennifer obtained her Bachelor of Arts degree in American Studies, with a minor in English. While studying at Penn State, Jen interned at the Spruance Library at Mercer Museum, where she discovered and transcribed a Civil War soldier’s diary, completed two undergraduate research projects and also presented her research and transcriptions of the Bucks County Civil War soldier’s diary at the Pennsylvania Historical Association’s Annual Conference. In May 2022, Jen received her Master of Science in History & Archaeology from the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. She researched and submitted her dissertation on female soldiers of the Civil War. 


For more than two years, she was the Collections Manager and Preservation and Communications Associate for the SS United States Conservancy. Currently, Jen is the Marketing Content Manager at Peddler's Village.

Local History / Pictorials

Industrial power in the region expanded in the late 1700s as Irish laborers sacrificed life and limb to construct a section of the Pennsylvania Canal and the Durham Furnace. In 1921, a gruesome train wreck claimed the lives of twenty-seven people, forever leaving its tragic mark on the busy rail lines emerging from Philadelphia.


Raised a Quaker in Doylestown, James A. Michener went from local English teacher to Pulitzer Prize-winning author, leaving his philanthropic mark at the art museum named for him.


Join author Jennifer Rogers as she recounts the lesser-known history of Bucks County.

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