Writer's Workshop

Rabbi Sigal Brier,

Session 1 Leader


SESSION 1: Creating Rituals for Writers 


A ritual is an invitation from the surface into the deep. A sacred bridge in time and space where we are engaged in conversation, action, or silence to draw us close to the call of the soul. 

In a good ritual we set the stage to enhance our ability to enter the mystery of creativity and let a path find us. We are surprised to find the helm, or a thread, as we being to navigate in the sea of creativity and inspiration. 

We listen and welcome the heart’s desire and the passion, the pre-verbal seeds, and let them germinate, grow and flourish into stories. 

With intentional ritual we invite inspiration and imagination to freely take flight. We nurture and nourish our voice with the energy required to authentically express and write. Come learn to welcome the mystery with personal rituals and nourish your writer’s heart and soul.



Rabbi Sigal Brier, of Temple Judea of Bucks County, is a scholar, spiritual mentor, inspirational teacher, and artist, with training in religion, psychology, art, yoga, and meditation. Israeli born and raised, she shares diverse methods and teachings to inspire people to live their heart’s purpose authentically and joyfully. 


She teaches internationally; facilitating experiences of transformation for individuals and groups. She has presented at TED and was featured on CBS Sunday Morning and NPR: National Public Radio. 


Rabbi Sigal is an innovator with new inspirations and methods to advance more meaningful and joyful living to all people. The founding director of Rabbis Without Boarders and creator of Mendful, she brings a fresh and energetic take to her teachings, retreats and when she officiates at weddings and life cycle ceremonies. 

She is insightful, humorous, and skilled in ritual and group facilitation. She brings a deep understanding of people and delights in serving their needs. 


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