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Kathryn R. McKenna is retired from her career as a teacher and educational consultant and has earned a certificate in Historic Preservation from Bucks County Community College. Three other books by her with local interest are The Mercer Museum A to Z; A Treasured Legacy Stories of the James-Lorah Memorial Home; and Man About Town - W. Lester Trauch.

Local Non-Fiction
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Stories Behind Peace Valley offers a glimpse into the history, businesses, mining operations, lake project and the lives and activities of those who lived and worked there before the manmade lake was created. Lake Galena and the village of New Galena were named after the discovery of the mineral in the valley that changed the future of the lives and livelihood of the residents and businesses forever. The book is organized as a virtual tour, stopping at places of interest along the trail that encircles the lake. This publication is a timely release with the 300th anniversary of New Britain Township, where Peace Valley is located, in 2023.

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