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Robert Scott Thayer is passionate about manatees, weather, and the oceans. He is the author of the award-winning Kobee Manatee® Children’s Educational series. Robert is also a recording artist who writes and sings in the pop, jazz, and children’s genres. Thayer has won several International Music Awards including those from Billboard. Robert’s music is available on iTunes. “Kobee’s Song” was produced by Grammy award winner Jim Cravero. Thayer received a degree from Temple University in Philadelphia. He is a member of the Author’s Guild, SCBWI, and BMI. Learn more at

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Another award-winning Kobee Manatee®hardcover picture book! Kobee and his friends swim from the Cayman Islands to Belize to help Kobee’s cousin Quinn with her new underwater all-veggie bistro.


On their Caribbean journey to Quinn’s Seagrass Café, Kobee Manatee and his seafaring pals encounter the harmful effects of climate change and plastic pollution, along with several other unforeseen problems. They discover a distressed sea turtle, a giant Portuguese man-of-war, and a venomous scorpionfish.


Then the friends discover the amazing Great Blue Hole. Their adventure takes another surprising turn when Pablo plunges into its huge abyss! Can Kobee and his buddies save Pablo?

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