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Robbin Farr writes short forms: poetry and brief lyric non-fiction. Barely able to achieve a thousand words, her concentration on the short form keeps writing real. In addition, she is the editor of River Heron Review, a free-access, online poetry journal.


She most enjoys the avenues of possibility that writing reveals whether she is editing the journal or her own drafts. Robbin has been published in numerous journals including Panoply, 2River View, Atlanta Review and upcoming in Citron Review. She is the author of Become Echo (2023) and Transience (2018).

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In her first book, Become Echo, Robbin Farr takes us through the core and chaos of conflicting emotions wrought by the never quite certain dissolution of a difficult relationship to its surprising conclusion.

It shows the impact our imperfect understanding of the complexity love has on the psyche. In a series of vignettes of place and time, the speaker replays pivotal events that haunt with their palpable longing and desire. By reframing and reviewing these stories from different angles, the poems evoke the mind's circuitous work of seeking resolution.

In this concise volume, we experience the process of reconciliation of insistent feelings that drive the body and fool the mind, and in doing so, we become witness to the very real urgency love demands of us.

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