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After a successful career owning and running a bed and breakfast, Patty stayed home with her two young children until they started school. She then decided to follow in her mom’s footsteps and became an educator. Working in the Central Bucks School District, she became an educational assistant while attending classes to obtain her master’s in education. She then became a kindergarten teacher in Central Bucks, and later in the Boyertown Area School District.


After retiring in 2018, Patty jumped into volunteering in a variety of capacities and then decided to work on writing the children’s book she had been carrying around in her head for all of her teaching years. Once the book was written, next came the task of finding an illustrator to bring her story to life. Through her volunteering connections Patty found an amazingly talented Central Bucks high school student Carina Sun, who was willing to share her vision and the book We See Sudsy Soapy! was self-published on Amazon. Patty was able to share her book with many children through her teaching connections.  


Having enjoyed the experience so much, while receiving positive feedback on her book, she decided to write a second book with the same adorable Sudsy Soapy the wave character. Her illustrator was on her way to college in the fall but was able to complete the second book’s illustrations before starting her college career. Patty has also been sharing her second book Sudsy Soapy Tackles Trash! with many elementary students and its important message of taking care of our environment. She has also been fortunate to have been invited to several local Bucks County bookstore events and her books have been featured in bookstores as far away as South Carolina.

Children's Book
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Sudsy Soapy the fun-loving wave is angry The children's laughter while playing the exciting game has quickly changed to a sad whisper. While watching in shock, they witness a mound of trash clinging on the crest of their wave buddy, Sudsy Soapy. This ocean garbage is harmful and can't be ignored. Joining together, Sudsy Soapy, his caring beach gang, and a playful trio of dolphins devise an amazing plan to tackle the trash. Is it possible that just a little wave can solve such a big problem on planet earth?

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