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Regina Fried’s earliest memory is of climbing the steps of the Holmesburg Library in Philadelphia, one hand clasping the high metal railing, the other holding tight to her mother’s dress. She’s been in love with books and reading ever since.

Regina enjoys literary fiction, memoirs, and essay collections. Her favorite authors are Ann Patchett, Alice McDermott, and Marilynne Robinson. She believes there should be a national holiday in honor of Nora Ephron and laments the fact that more people haven’t heard of Laurie Colwin.

She will never read: all the books she has bought and continues to buy; all the books she borrows from the library; all the books people recommend and lend to her.

Born and raised in Philadelphia, Regina has lived in the Delaware Valley her entire life. She returned to Bucks County two years ago and resides in the Doylestown area with her husband and her hoard of books. She has two grown children and is happy to report that both love reading.

Regina is the Marketing and PR Specialist for the Bucks County Library District. When she’s not reading, she enjoys knitting, walking, biking, and hiking.

Regina Fried

Publicity & Marketing

Glenda Childs
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